Top 5-Travel Songs

At my sisters request:
1. The Adventure (Angels and Airwaves)
2. Southern Cross (Crosby Stills and Nash)
3. Africa (Toto)
4. Save Tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)
5. Run (Snow Patrol)

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  1. Against the Wind, Bob Seger!

  2. you still have my snow patrol album….

  3. I hope those are your sisters songs or you have gotten soft, mine just are generic so they fit everywhere (hence no africa or one night in bangkok)
    Truckin- greatful dead
    Here I go again- whitesnake
    Weather with you- crowded house
    latitudes and longitudes- buffet
    Take it easy- eagles

    possible others-
    wanted man- johnny cash
    immigrant song- zeplin

  4. On the Road Again-Willie Nelson

  5. is that curry?
    I love Take it Easy!
    (btw-africa is the best song ever)

  6. No it’s Morroni

  7. ah, morroni, almost forgot you had a first name. anywho, my comments above still apply.

  8. Too many good songs to put on the list, so here are my top travel music groups:

    -Jack Johnson
    -Ben Harper
    -Led Zeppelin
    -anything hard and fast (old Metallica, Helmet, etc)

    Lee, how did Powder Finger’s My Happiness get knocked off the list. Sellout!

  9. …forgot to give a shout out to Toasty (ie Morroni), hey buddy!

  10. alix, is the name better now, I forget it too.

    I’ll only give lee credit for southern cross, I only left it off because all the downloads show up so quiet on an ipod, i don’t get it.

    Jake- keep powdered fingers and hard and fast songs too yourself

  11. You’re right Jake, I forgot My Happiness, tough to think of all of them, there are so many good ones…Jake you forgot Wham on your list!

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