Tips to Maximize Rewards for Fall & Holiday Travel

Hey guys! I recently did a Q&A about how to get more out of fall and holiday travel. Along with John Sellers from Bank of America and Janet Alvarez from Wise Bread, we discussed our most memorable experiences, tips to help make your upcoming trips more financially rewarding, and pointers on what to do when you’re going somewhere for the first time. Check out the video below, as well as my top three tips from the Q&A that you can use as you plan trips through the rest of the year!

Tip #1: Layer Your Rewards Programs Together

The best way to ensure you’re not leaving rewards on the table is to layer all of your available rewards options. Start by choosing a credit card that aligns with your spending habits. Second, take advantage of a banking rewards program like Preferred Rewards, to boost those credit card rewards earnings by up to 75% (plus, get tons of discounts and rewards across your entire banking relationship)! Lastly, be sure you’re signed up for airline, hotel, car rental and dining rewards so you’re racking up points with all of those programs as well.

Tip #2: The Winter Holidays Have Some of the Best – And Worst – Days to Fly

If you have flexibility, avoid the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and avoid both Dec. 23 and Christmas Eve. If you fly out on Thanksgiving morning or on Christmas Day, the airport will be much less crowded, and you could save up to 50%! The same applies on your return flight… instead of coming back when everyone else does (Sunday after Thanksgiving and on New Year’s Day)… take a couple more days to visit with your friends and family. You’ll save time, money and hassle at the airport – and have more memories with your loved ones.

Tip #3: Talk with a Banker About Qualifying for a Banking Loyalty Program

My top pick among banking loyalty programs is Bank of America Preferred Rewards. Talk with a banker about qualifying to become a member. Once you do, it unlocks a full suite of benefits that will help you save for fall and holiday travel – credit card rewards bonuses, foreign currency exchange discounts, priority members service, and waived ATM fees just to name a few. Bank of America just celebrated the five-year anniversary of Preferred Rewards, which now has more than 6 million members. Personally, I just celebrated my one-year anniversary as a member, and I’m looking forward to many years to come as the program continues to roll out new experiences and types of rewards!

For more info on financial rewards you can use during the fall, holidays and well into 2020, check out

Disclaimer: I am a paid spokesperson for Bank of America.

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