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People ask me all the time how I book trips, flights, rental cars, hotels, etc. People always ask me what sites I use to book all my travel and how do you know what’s best with a million choices out there. The truth is there are a ton of different travel sites out there but I always go the same place for travel problem solving; I use Kayak.
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Kayak is great because not only does it give you a ton of options quickly but it does so by searching dozens of top travel sites at once so you don’t have to. That’s an incredible tool! It’s value added, travel problem solving and the exact reason why I always go to Kayak to book my travel.
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If you were to go to Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline or any number of other travel sites, you’ll often get different prices for the same flights based on their agreements with airlines etc. Plus if you comparison-shop, then it takes time; which to me is more valuable than saving a few dollars. That’s why I eliminate the problem and go straight to Kayak. Travel problem solved!
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Kayak does the same for rental cars, hotels and package deals. I’ve used Kayak for years now and it’s basically a travel hack that is right out in the open but many people don’t seem to use it properly. People have their sites they like to use but believe me: using Kayak once will make you a believer.
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Another cool thing about Kayak is they have a fun YouTube channel where they solve problems in an entertaining and educational way. Check out some of their hacks and price advice like this.

Booking flights, especially with high airfares and fees, can be a drag sometimes but you can eliminate some of the hassle by one stop shopping at Kayak. I have used it for years and will continue to do so. It has helped me save money and time while traveling to every country in the world. I haven’t seen anything close to Kayak in terms of simplicity. It’s essentially the Google of shopping for travel!
Disclaimer: I received financial compensation to post this story. However, everything I’ve written is completely true and I have been using Kayak for years and it is my go-to travel site. My opinions have not been influenced in any way-as always.

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  1. I agree Kayak is the best site to find flights on in the US but they don’t list every airline, usually budget carriers, in other countries.

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