What My Annual Travel Insurance Policy Covers

As I plan my extensive travels for the year, I thought I’d share why I never get nervous. I have an annual travel insurance policy from Allianz Travel Insurance that covers just about everything. In fact, here’s exactly what’s in my annual travel insurance policy.

What My Annual Travel Insurance Policy Covers

My personal annual travel insurance policy covers the following up to the following amounts:

Trip Cancellation Protection $5000 – this provides reimbursement for non-refundable trip payments and deposits if trip is cancelled for a covered reason.

Trip Interruption Protection $5000 – this provides reimbursement for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and for increased transportation costs to get home.

Emergency Medical and Dental $50,000 – this provides coverage for losses caused due to medical or dental emergencies.

Emergency Medical Transportation $250,000 – to me this is the most important of all coverages; this covers you for transportation to nearest adequate medical facility and also for your transportation costs home-this can save you a fortune!

Baggage Coverage $1000 – this provides reimbursement of your luggage is lost or stolen while traveling.

Baggage Delay Coverage $1000 – this provides reimbursement for reasonable clothing, toiletries and other essentials if your baggage is delayed 24 hours or more.

Travel/Trip Delay Coverage $1500/$150 daily limit – this provides reimbursement for additional expenses, meals, accommodations etc. if your trip is delayed for 6 or more consecutive hours.

Change Fee Coverage $250 – this provides reimbursement for changing flight dates.

Travel Accident Coverage $100,000 – this provides a cash payment for covered losses due to death, loss of limbs or sight as a result of a covered accident.

Business Equipment Coverage $1000 – this provides reimbursement for repair, loss or damage to business equipment if lost by your common carrier.

Collision/Loss Damage Coverage $45,000 – This covers costs of your rental car is stolen or damaged in a covered accident whether you are driving or it’s parked.

Business Equipment Rental Coverage $1000 – this provides reimbursement for reasonable rental costs if it has been lost, stolen or damaged by your common carrier.

My policy also includes 24-hour hotline assistance, a concierge, and the fantastic TravelSmart app. So as you can see I am pretty covered in case anything happens and I definitely have peace of mind.

Everyone needs travel insurance. It’s a risk you shouldn’t take lightly and just get it. Check out AllianzTravelInsurance.com and find the policy that’s right for you!

Disclaimer: I work as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receive financial compensation.

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  1. I do have an Allianz annual policy thanks to your recommendation! I hated buying each time I took a trip, it just makes so much more sense!

  2. This looks a lot more competitive than World Nomads. The annual policy looks like a great option. Lee, do you know if they cover drones at all?

  3. Don’t most of the high-end credit cards provide similar coverage, which would be covered by the ridiculous fees I pay the credit card company. But, at least for that payment, I get some miles.

    • Different credit cards have different travel benefits. It’s important to review your credit card coverage and decide if you need travel insurance. For example, credit cards may not cover emergency medical transportation. An evacuation by air ambulance can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The right travel insurance policy will arrange and pay for this. While your health insurance may cover you for medical emergencies abroad, if you are hospitalized you may be asked to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars before you leave the hospital. The right travel insurance policy will guarantee payments to the hospital so that you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. All of this coverage can cost as little as $30, which is well worth it in my opinion.

  4. Has anyone every tried to file an actual claim with these people? I have and it was not a pleasant experience. I took out insurance just for my flight cancellations since my mother was under hospice care and when I went to file a claim because I had to fly at different times, I got no resolution. They kept asking for my doctor’s note..I wasn’t the one sick and I provided them with a note from my mother’s doctor…it still wasn’t good enough for them. Who had the time to keep messing with this with a sick mother to help take care of. Not sure Allianz would be a good one to recommend for travel insurance.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience Brenda but you bring up a great point that all travel insurance companies require documentation when something is effected due to injury or illness.

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