My Trip to Cabo in Photos

I just spent 6 days in Mexico at my buddies house in Cabo. All we did was eat, sleep, drink, play golf, pool basketball, eat again and get some sun. I have to say it was pretty awesome. So since this was a real vacation and I didn’t really do too much but the scenery […]

Puerto PeƱasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

“Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico” is a famous line that Kenny Chesney sings and it kind of exemplifies going to Mexico for me; although that song might have included tacos as well because all you seemingly do in Mexico is drink beer and eat tacos! Of course you’re on the beach […]

Soccer in Mexico

Soccer or Futbol in Mexico is a religion. Much like the rest of Latin America and in fact the world it is always the main topic of conversation and a true source of contention and passion. I have been fortunate to have been to manhy different soccer stadiums around the world and have seen many […]


Teotihuacan is an enormous archaeological site in the Basin of Mexico, located about 40 kilometers north of Mexico City, containing some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramidal structures, the archaeological site of Teotihuacan is also known for its large residential complexes, the “street of the dead” where […]

Eating in Monterrey, Mexico

So I’ve been here in Monterrey, Mexico for 4 days now and I have eaten tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. It hasn’t just been tacos; it has been gorditas and various types of taco like combinations but all of which can be classified as some type of taco. And they are all […]

Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Downtown Cabo San Lucas is pretty much what you’d expect from a central area in a Mexican resort town. The only real difference between Cabo and some of the other Mexican tourist towns I’ve been to is that Cabo has a nice harbor in the downtown area that contributes a little something to the appeal. […]

The One & Only Palmilla

The Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the way all hotels should strive to be, it has unmatched beauty and is one of a handful of properties around the world from the One & Only group. With the focus on impeccable service and the amazing upkeep of the property, you almost don’t mind the […]

The Riviera Maya

The Mexican Riviera or the Riviera Maya, as it is known in Mexico, is full of great beaches and Mayan ruins. My friend Jake and I were spending a week in Playa Del Carmen, which is about an hour south of Cancun and where you catch the ferry to Cozumel. In my opinion, it is […]