Death in Maputo

We arrived in Maputo, Mozambique with no expectations. We decided to visit Mozambique on a whim because Mike and I were in nearby Nelspruit, South Africa after a four-day safari in Kruger Park. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice (for an African city) Maputo seemed to be. The former Portuguese city is located on […]

Boracay Beach

There is something magical about a boat trip in paradise. It can be even more relaxing than just sitting on the beach all day. Plus, you get to view a lot more and feel the breeze ripping through your body. I have been fortunate to have been on many boat trips, learn about various boats […]


The state of Goa in India is a place lauded by many and experienced by few. It is far from anywhere, especially other states and cities with India. Goa is the polar opposite of everything that is India. It is a relaxed paradise of sorts. It’s not a paradise for all but certainly a paradise […]

Asleep in Lesotho

Driving in Africa is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to run into. Whether its drunk drivers, crazy minibuses or animals hogging the street, you are always in for something memorable. This was the case for Mike and I as we drove through the lovely country of Lesotho. The unusual part […]


If Goa is heaven in India, then Delhi is almost certainly hell. Delhi is maddening in all ways that a city can possibly be. Delhi will sharpen your wits and numb your senses. Delhi will come at you in full force from all directions at all times of the day and from all walks of […]

Modern Sarajevo

If you’re a twenty-something man from Sarajevo lucky enough to still be alive, you would have lived through a transfer of power from a beloved post World War II regime to a brutal Unitarian Serb nationalist madman. You would have lived through Yugoslavia’s greatest moment of triumph, the 1984 Winter Olympics. You would have lived […]

Parrot Drinking Beer?

The Amazon is one of the most vast and diverse places on Earth with a lot of really cool places and things to do. I was staying outside Manaus at the Amazon Eco Park where there are tons of birds and especially big tropical parrots. I have to say of all the amazing places I […]

Auschwitz and Birkenau

“How fortunate for leaders those men do not think.” “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” – Adolph Hitler A man who mastered the art of propaganda uttered these infamous words. He was right. If the masses of men did think for […]


The best thing about flying on Air Pacific down to Australia is that Jake and I got a free stopover in Fiji for 8 great days. We arrived in Nadi one super hot night feeling a little sick and immediately we felt better when we got off the plane, smelled the warm South Pacific air […]

New Seven Wonders

I am a big history guy and I love the ancient seven wonders of the world. I have studied up on all of them and have visited the only remaining one, the pyramids. Now, the new seven wonders of the world campaign is seeking votes from millions of people all over the world to choose […]