Pinwheels? Where am I?

Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil during Carnival

Planning a Big Trip Properly

My friends and even people I barely know always ask me to help them plan their trip or give them advice, etc. I am always happy to do it because I love helping people out and I love talking travel. I happen to know a lot off the top of my head and what I […]


Vina Del Mar, Chile

Mt. Kilimanjaro Journal

Arrival into Tanzania My Mt. Kilimanjaro Journal: Jake and I left Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi after spending one night in Kenya’s capital and we left in search of answers. Answers to what it was about Kilimanjaro that had attracted us and attracts 25,000 people annually to attempt to climb its magical landscape. Answers to […]

Donde Esta?

It is of course the awesome church in the main square in Prague

What’s Your Favorite?

People always ask me, “What’s your favorite?” Favorite country; city, beach, thing you’ve seen, airline, food, trip, etc. and then of course, “Why?” The answer in general is, its tough to say. I have different favorites for different reasons. I realize I am a little jaded especially compared to most people but I try to […]

Where is he?

He is sitting on a chair at the Amazon Eco-Lodge outside Manaus, Brazil in the Amazon Jungle

Planet Earth Mini Series

I don’t know how many of you guys have been watching this show, Planet Earth, on the Discovery Channel but it is awesome. I am kind of hooked on it. It is really amazing photography and videography. They capture things on film that have never been captured before like the hunt of the snow leopard […]

Ko Phangan

I had previously been to Thailand during the summer of 1999 and the entire time I was there I was very ill. I never made it out of Bangkok because of my fear of getting seriously sick and having to go to a hospital and having nothing close enough to help in an emergency. So […]

A Tough One…Where am I?

This is Rano Kao, a volcanic caldera on my favorite place, Easter Island.