Maximize Your Miles

Travel always causes a great debate for me. Should I pay for the trip or use miles? In general, I like to pay for long flights because then you get the miles and if you have status, for instance platinum status on American Airlines, then you will receive double miles in addition to the miles […]

The Running of the Bulls

I think that every traveler has a little bit of Hemingway in them. His writings are equally inspiring and interesting. My favorite Hemingway book is The Sun Also Rises. Of course, this brings our hero to Pamplona, Spain for the Fiesta de San Fermin, which is more commonly recognized as the running of the bulls. […]

Top 5-Towns

1. Queenstown, New Zealand 2. Dahab, Egypt 3. Whistler, Canada 4. Pushkar, India 5. Tamarindo, Costa Rica Honorable Mention: Florence, Italy; Alice Springs, Australia; Interlaken, Switzerland; Scottsdale, Arizona-USA

Easy One, Where am I?

Of course it’s Buckingham Palace, taken from St. James Park in London

1000 Places to See Before You Die

I have an obvious interest in this show and have seen a few episodes of the show that is loosely based upon the places mentioned in the book. Last night I found it very interesting because they were in Brazil and loosely followed a path that I took on my recent trip through Brazil. They […]


My friend Mike and I left from Lesotho early in the morning for the long drive into the small Kingdom of Swaziland. The southern border entry was about an eight hour drive the way we were going and we had planned to drive up to the Ewulzini Valley between the only two cities in Swaziland, […]

An Easy One…Where am I?

The summer shore of Lake Michigan in the Windy City-Chicago

Top 5-Cities

1. Barcelona 2. London 3. Sydney 4. Paris 5. Rio de Janeiro Honorable Mention: Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Rome, St. Petersburg

Top 5-Countries

As you may remember I posted a favorites list the other day with a bunch of top 5 lists. I got a lot of emails from people who enjoyed those lists so I have decided to try to do a top 5 list each day or at least almost every day. I will be reposting […]

Fraser Island

Jake and I spent a few months down under in Australia. We started our whirlwind tour in Sydney like most backpackers do on their way north to the east coast party scene. After a week of drunken debauchery on Bondi Beach, we headed up to Byron Bay for a more laid-back week of drunken debauchery […]