Bermuda is often forgotten about by most people I know because it’s so close to New York. It’s only a 2 hour flight but it doesn’t often come up as a place to shoot off to for a getaway. The more mainstream Caribbean places generally come up more often. However, Bermuda is awesome. The restaurants […]

Pura Vida en Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the new hotspot for Americans to go and experience nature at it’s best. Normally that would be a red flag for me to stay away but I can’t…Costa Rica is awesome. There is so much to do in a country that isn’t that big. Get to San Jose and rent a car […]

Miami Masters Series Tennis

With this years Miami Masters Series Tennis tournament in full swing, it made me think of last years tournament when I took my girlfriend there for her birthday. Last year the tournament was called the Nasdaq 100 Open as you can see above and this year it’s the Sony Ericsson Open but that doesn’t matter, […]

The Great Ocean Road

Victoria, Australia is awesome. Melbourne rocks and Aussie Rules Football is everywhere but the Great Ocean Road is the top attraction. What a cool way to spend a day cruising down the scenic coastal drive. The 12 apostles (above) are the famous, picture perfect rock formations emerging vertically from the ocean. They are really cool […]

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful building in the world, period. It’s funny because you have seen the same picture of it a thousand times and it always looks the same. When I was on my way to go see the Taj for the first time, I figured it would be all hype and […]


Andorra is that little country high in the Pyrennes Mountains between Spain and France that nobody has ever heard of or even knows is there-especially Americans. It is a three hour bus ride from Barcelona and it is one of the more scenic rides you can see in this region. The mountains are beautiful, smaller […]

Sri Lanka After the Tsunami

I was in Sri Lanka in October 2005. It was always a place that I had always wanted to visit because of its remoteness and mystery. When I hear about all of the violence that is going on now it makes me sad because of all the trouble and hardships that the people have had […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro to me is a very special place and having successfully summitted the highest peak in Africa makes it even more special. I have written several articles about Kili and each time time I read them or anyone elses blogs, stories, pictures, etc. it evokes a sense of pride and brings back great and […]

Iguassu Falls