Amazing Race All Stars

The Amazing Race is the only show on TV that I regularly watch other than the Sopranos. I love to watch to see where the teams go and obviously it is fun to pick your favorite team and watch them interract with the other teams as they compete. This season it’s the all-stars which bring […]

Maximize Your Miles

Travel always causes a great debate for me. Should I pay for the trip or use miles? In general, I like to pay for long flights because then you get the miles and if you have status, for instance platinum status on American Airlines, then you will receive double miles in addition to the miles […]

1000 Places to See Before You Die

I have an obvious interest in this show and have seen a few episodes of the show that is loosely based upon the places mentioned in the book. Last night I found it very interesting because they were in Brazil and loosely followed a path that I took on my recent trip through Brazil. They […]

Planning a Big Trip Properly

My friends and even people I barely know always ask me to help them plan their trip or give them advice, etc. I am always happy to do it because I love helping people out and I love talking travel. I happen to know a lot off the top of my head and what I […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro Journal

Arrival into Tanzania My Mt. Kilimanjaro Journal: Jake and I left Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi after spending one night in Kenya’s capital and we left in search of answers. Answers to what it was about Kilimanjaro that had attracted us and attracts 25,000 people annually to attempt to climb its magical landscape. Answers to […]

What’s Your Favorite?

People always ask me, “What’s your favorite?” Favorite country; city, beach, thing you’ve seen, airline, food, trip, etc. and then of course, “Why?” The answer in general is, its tough to say. I have different favorites for different reasons. I realize I am a little jaded especially compared to most people but I try to […]

Planet Earth Mini Series

I don’t know how many of you guys have been watching this show, Planet Earth, on the Discovery Channel but it is awesome. I am kind of hooked on it. It is really amazing photography and videography. They capture things on film that have never been captured before like the hunt of the snow leopard […]

Answers to Some Questions

First, I want to thank everyone for their emails after yesterdays Bootsnall newsletter went out. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments and look forward to reading more and more as I build up this site. I try to update this site everyday and will try to get to everyones emails with responses to all […]