My Year in Travel 2013

2013 was a heck of a year in travel for me. For the first time in my life I visited all seven continents in a calendar year. Additionally, I took some of the best and coolest trips I’ve ever been on. I flew a lot of miles and traveled a lot of days. I also expanded my business to new heights in 2013 and had my best year ever. Here are some facts by the numbers of my year in travel followed by a recap of my year in travel.

• Miles Flown – 227,485
• Flight Segments – 283
• Continents Visited – 7
• Countries Visited – 34
• Airlines Flown – 27
• US States Visited – 19
• Canadian Provinces Visited – 9
• New TCC Countries – 4

January 2013
Lee Abbamonte, Dream Racing, Ferrari Racing in Las Vegas
January started the year strong with 3 different trips to Las Vegas where I did some Ferrari Racing at Dream Racing, UFC Training, the Skyjump at the Stratosphere Hotel.  January also saw me go to the Bahamas to visit Harbour Island and North Eleuthera Island but the main memory I will take from that trip is the oxygen masks coming down on my flight and forcing an emergency landing. I also did a short road trip from Portland where I caught an NBA game and down to San Francisco and Oakland to visit friends and see an NFL playoff game and NBA game.

February 2013
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada
February started out with me in Quebec City. I love Quebec City and did some really cool things like ice climbing Montmorency Falls and checking out the ice hotel. After a trip out to Scottsdale, Arizona and another to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I took an amazing trip to Fiji.
koala, Sydney, Australia
This added on my first new Travelers Century Club country of the year when I visited Kiritimati or Christmas Island of Kiribati. I also visited Sydney, Australia during this trip and did some amazing activities in one of my favorite cities in the world not to mention a FOX News segment from Sydney.

March 2013
Twickenham, Rugby, six nations
My March travel schedule was highlighted by some great trips to both London to visit friends and see some rugby and then Paris to see Moulin Rouge and a FOX News segment from Paris. I also tried snowboarding for the first time in Park City, Utah-unsuccessfully I may add!

April 2013
Golf Lanai, Four Seasons Golf Lanai
April took me back to Hawaii and the fantastic island of Lanai. I spent 6 days and did a bunch of awesome things on Lanai. I also played a bunch of golf in Lanai and checked out two different Four Seasons Hotels in Lanai.
Marshall Islands, Majuro
April also took me back to Guam, Saipan, Tinian and the Micronesia Islands of the Chuuk, Pohnpei and the Marshall Islands. I really enjoyed that portion of the trip and saw so much cool stuff along the way.

May 2013
Franschhoek, South Africa
May took me back to Africa where I started in Cape Town and then took some phenomenal trips around South Africa. These included stops in Franschhoek and then another in Hermanus. I was also able to get out to see a bunch of safari parks around South Africa. This was punctuated by doing a live FOX News segment from South Africa. I also traveled up to the African Four Corners region where Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia all come together.
Medjumbe Private Island, Mozambique
Furthermore, I flew out to Medjumbe Private Island in Mozambique for a few days in private luxury. I was very lucky and was even able to make some new friends from New York! Additionally, I was able to spend several nights in Johannesburg to discover its rebirth. What a trip this was but very tiring.

June 2013
Shanghai skyline, China
I started June flying out to China for ILTM Asia in Shanghai. It was my first ever ILTM and I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of the top people in luxury travel and also did a radio segment with Peter Greenberg. This was followed by an epic bachelor party at the Palms in Las Vegas.

July 2013
Alberta lakes, Canada
July took me back up the Canada where I took some time to walk around Vancouver followed by a 2 days trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train. The train led me to the great outdoor paradise of Jasper. I drove from Jasper down to Banff National Park and finished the trip around Alberta in Calgary for Stampede!
Athabasca Glacier, Alberta
I then took a quick break for a wedding that never happened in San Francisco and then a quick 3 day trip to Bermuda followed by another trip to Canada. This time I visited Regina, Saskatchewan where I even saw KISS in concert followed by a golf road trip around Saskatchewan; which ended in Saskatoon.

August 2013
Golf in Cape Breton Island, Canada
I took most of August off from traveling except for a week with friends in Dewey Beach, Delaware, a short trip to Georgetown and Washington DC and a quick 3-day trip to Cape Breton Island in Canada.

September 2013
Lee Abbamonte in Formentera, Spain
I took most of September off ahead of a busy fall travel schedule but did travel the final week of the month to Barcelona, Spain followed by a trip to Ibiza and Formentera. I ended the month doing some awesome things in Rome, Italy.

October 2013
Azamara Journey
October 1 saw me take only my second ever cruise aboard the Azamara Journey where we cruised from Rome around the Mediterranean. I had a few weeks at home except for a short trip to Chicago for a football game with friends and then a wedding weekend in Toronto.

November 2013
King Penguins, Falkland Islands
I got really busy in November. I started out hiking in Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile. I then flew out to the Falkland Islands and visited Sea Lion Island, Bleaker Island and Carcass Island. What an amazing trip the Falklands Islands turned out to be and I even did a radio segment with Falklands Radio. I flew back to Chile and saw some more of the central region and Santiago before heading out to Robinson Crusoe Island. Just getting to Robinson Crusoe Island was a chore but well worth it when I arrived even though I was battling a bad cold the whole time I was there.
Prince Harry, Antarctica
Late November took me back to Cape Town for the second time in 2013 where I caught a plane to Antarctica and was destined for the South Pole. Prince Harry thwarted my South Pole dreams but I did manage to do some amazing things in Antarctica and met some amazing people.

December 2013
ILTM Cannes
I flew to Cannes, France for ILTM. It was a great conference. I made a lot of contacts and recorded another radio segment with Peter Greenberg. From Cannes, I flew to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for 5 of the most interesting days I’ve had in a while. From Guantanamo Bay, I headed out to Los Angeles for a few days taking the Starwood Holiday Challenge in Hollywood. I was also able to see a bunch of friends in Newport Beach and San Diego.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
What a year in travel! I am exhausted just reading this!

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  1. 2013 looked like an awesome year for you! Can’t wait to read about your 2014!

  2. You have done more in one year than most people will do in their lifetime. I have really enjoyed following you for the last few years and look forward to more in 2014, Merry Christmas!

  3. I suddenly feel very inadequate. This is incredible.

  4. Lee,
    It’s very cool going through this post because I can recall reading just about all of the links you highlighted. I don’t know if that makes me your biggest fan or really pathetic!? Congratulations on a great year and happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. What a year, more like a lifetime for most. Good for you Lee.

  6. What was your favorite trip from 2013?

  7. You must have so many airline miles! Incredible photos and I just read at least ten of your stories.

  8. All this stuff uve done in 1 year,it wl take me really excited abt all ths travelling!! Glad u enjoyed Cape Town-1 of the many beautiful cities we have in South Africa

  9. Absolutely incredible. I am envious of your job but you have earned it. Congrats and happy holidays.

  10. The picture of you on the beach is NICE. 🙂

  11. Wonderful experience! Enjoy your 2014 travels!

  12. That is one super busy year. Great photos

  13. You’re living the dream Lee!

  14. What an amazing year of globetrotting Lee ~ Hoping for more shirtless photos in 2015. Ha! xx Kelli

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  16. Reading this post literally gave me goosebumps! you’ve truly inspired me to start saving and visit that place one day, it sounds incredible..

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